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A Promising Idea

Posted by yojir on February 13, 2008

When there’s a new call center that’s about to open near my area, I am usually excited to hear about the benefits, the type of account, the type of management and of course — the SALARY!!! I bet— you are also thinking of these, too.

There is this one opening in Philcoa. Oops….my mistake. Not just one actually, but a lot of them! And I was thrilled to know that these buildings are from Ayala. Seeing their creativity in the streets of Ayala, Makati, you can already have a “vision” of what it will look like years from now.

My friend even told me that they even have a plan of pouring that place with buildings until it is connected to Trinoma. Oh wow!!! I want to transfer to one of the call centers there!!! Oh jeez — mall is just one step away after astressful-day? I mean not just any mall but we’re talking about Trinoma or even my favorite mall – SM North.

And knowing which call centers to open soon — I think I already have one in mind which call center to transfer to.


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