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Valentine’s Day Fever

Posted by yojir on February 15, 2008

You see roses, happy faces and people being in good mood everywhere. That is because it is Valentine’s day. Even In our office, we have different ways of celebrating it. We had speed dating, a night with our own band singing romantic love songs, sumptuous meals with reservations for two and of course, flowers you can give to your crush or bitter half oops …. i mean better half.

Just one thing I noticed is that they have this a Kodak moment with your crush. Ohhh … my God! Where is our big boss? He is my biggest crush? But he is nowhere to be found. Hmmmppp …. I am pretty sure he has a date! Oh jeez! Just one pic with him?

But even if he is there, I won’t have that freakin’ guts to go near him and said can we have our picture together.

Ohhh life ………………………


2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Fever”

  1. aniche said

    u wanna mess around with the boss? isn’t that like voluntarily consuming arson?

  2. yojir said

    nope. just really want to have a picture with him. LOL

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