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Customer Satisfaction

Posted by yojir on February 26, 2008

Customer satisfaction is very important in a call center. Because without them, I won’t be working right now. The customers are the one feeding me and the reason why I can buy all those things I want!

On the current company newspaper, my supervisor congratulated me because it was there on one of the pages is my name. It means that on one of my customers I made a difference and I was given a kudos for it. My customer actually complimented me for the support I’ve provided.

What i felt that time is just like how you usually feel when you know you have helped someone with their issue / concern. And I intend to continue doing that.


2 Responses to “Customer Satisfaction”

  1. fishnut89 said

    I just won an MP3 player for customer satisfaction survey performance. Yeah!

  2. yojir said

    woah that’s unfair. my name just got published on our company newspaper and you – you got an mp3 player?!? oh well … congrats!!! 🙂 I hope our company can do that as well .. oh wishes

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