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Health and Work

Posted by yojir on February 26, 2008

My parents are so fascinated with the time of work nowadays. They told me that during their days, working at night is not really the trend. Now, all they can hear is that I love to work in the evening. It pays a lot.

I used to say this. Promise! Because the pay is different at night. But last year, after being in a graveyard shift for almost a one a half year, I am no longer feeling good. There are times that I am in the middle of the call and I will feel a strain in my heart and I wont be able to move. Or at times, I will be feeling some palpitations. And my monthly period is like happening twice a month already which is no longer normal for me.

The company doctor say that it is usually stress related matters why I am going through this phase. but to think I have been working in the call enter industry since 2003? And also, by talking to my colleagues, I learned that I am not the only one who is feeling that? That made me think twice.

Another theory that they have is that change of lifestyle. Oh jeez, this is
already my lifestyle for many years.

Maybe I just don’t want to accept the fact that working at night and working in a very stressful job is starting to take its toll on me. Signs of aging? Oh no!!! Some of my colleagues who are experiencing this are just in their early 20’s. I guess I am still luckier because the signs are showing just now compared to me.

Is it true that when you have a work like this, it is 5 years minus your total life span?

Or, is this really the future for us working in this industry?


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