A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

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Call Center Jobs Anyone?

Posted by yojir on March 1, 2008

I am an IT person but I am working in a call center.  Why? Because they pay higher than when you are really doing your supposed to be job. I do the IT thing as my part time job. With it, you can always work at home.

 But, at times, I am saddened with the fact that many of us who had degrees in different field, will end up in a call center. I have met a teacher, a nurse, a top notcher journalism student in her school before she graduates, a political science graduate and a parent who also has some siblings working in a call center.

I don’t have anything against working in a call center. This is the reason why our store has expanded, my beautiful floor, my gadgets, my out-of-town trips came from. However, from what I can envision, is this the only future for our graduates?
There is a recent movie that tackles about working in a call center. The mother said that she is teaching her kid in speaking in english [in which her son is speaking fluently in English!] because when he grows up, he will be working in a call center. Isn’t this right?

Passion vs. Money. this is the rivalry now. even if your passion is in teaching if it doesnt give you money, you will be forced to switch to the call center industry. Which i always notice. whenever there is a new blood on our floor, I always asked them
what made you decide to switch to call center? and the answer is, I think, you very well know….


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