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Sex Crave

Posted by yojir on March 4, 2008

Stereotype nowadays is that sex is so rampant when you are in the call center industry. It was even discussed in Marie Claire’s Philippine Edition last year, that well, brought me up in writing about this. Why just react now? I just bought the back issue of the magazine — lol.

Well, as they say, that is their opinion. But then, it is no one’s opinion anymore if it’s being talked about by many of us already. For someone like me who has an open mind about these things, I just tend to ignore the issue because ‘I’m not one of you’but in the long run, one cannot just ignore it. You are labeled,  you are tagged, you are being viewed at and you are being looked at — that way.

Just as my POV, with the call center booming nowadays, everywhere you look at there is a building being built for a call center company, you tend to meet a lot of people with mixed lifestyles, perspectives and attitudes. Especially most of these companies are owned by, not the locals, but by foreigners who has a different way of life. We are influenced, sometimes we are taught to be like them and act like them so we can be really one of them. some are crossing the borders mindlessly. Some are just being carried away. Some still choose what is real and reel or what is right and what is really, really wrong.

Fast changing world — that is what the real deal in a call center. If you can’t go with the flow, that happens every minute, hour or day, you might not take it. However, the bottom of the issue is it all boils down to the real character of the person.

If you already experienced having sex, in reality, you can do it over and over again whether you are working in our industry or not. If you are a man/woman who has an overwhelming sex appeal, you will really have someone among your admirers to go to bed with you – and I’ve seen this happens even while I was working still in my early years of working [imagine the shock?!?]. My dad’s friend has gone to bed with 3 other women in their same department and they are working in a newspaper company. He even ended up leaving the original wife over the third wife [now — what happens to the second?]

We are in now in the state where the influence of the modern is sooo getting in to us. We are so exposed to vulgarity, obscenity, violence and much more other things. At the end of the day, only one thing matters: it is your choice of how you will live your life.


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