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For Real or Alibi?

Posted by yojir on March 14, 2008

In our company, we had a nice way of tracking why you were not able to report for work. All you need to do is call a number, give all of your employee information and the reason why you are going to be late or absent from work.

I usually have my migraine. It is kind of severe. When it usually “attacks” my visions are so blurred and my head aches really bad. But one day, I had a really nice laugh when I see the reasons why some of them will be late/absent from work. Now these ones are the reasons that got me thinking so far:

1. Fell down from the stairs
2. had to change clothes. Got dirty when a scavenger’s truck passed by and some of the trashes were thrown at me
3. Had to bring my kid at school or he will be late. Ill be late for an hour [blood is thicker than work — :)]
4. my alarm clock did not ring. Ill be late for an hour [alarm clock fell asleep?]
5. Got soaked in the rain. Need to change clothes [another version of #2]
6. Dysmenorrhea [now this one i noticed that has been entered thrice in a month for the same reason. This one really needs a doctor]
7. Fever [this one agent has been calling for fever for three months in a row]
8. No one is going to take care of the house.
9. Traffic. I’ll be reporting the rest half of the day. [Half day late? Where are you coming from, anyway?!?]
10. I’ll be late. Shoe is broken. Had to replace it.
11. Left my office ID. Had to go back home.
12. The worst part is I was listed as the one who is absent for that day when in fact I was in the office the whole day. Jeez!!!


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