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Rants and Complains

Posted by yojir on March 24, 2008

First day in the call center and I got a customer shouting at me and telling me “this computer sucks! Eversince I bought it — it’s already a burden! No wonder people are choosing blah-blah-blah over your computer!!!”

I almost believe my customer. Well, it is believable really. I know this because I also have some things in my possession that when I first got it, it is more of a burden than a happiness to me.

But then, I got suffocated handling voice calls. Luckily, I got into email support for another brand of computer. Guess what? An email saying “this computer sucks! Eversince I bought it — it’s already a burden! No wonder people are choosing blah-blah-blah over your computer!!!”

This is when reality hits me. In the course of my work, I have encountered a lot of rants and complains and they are just usually the same thing. Kind of stereotype already.  This just goes to show that there are various kind of people in the world. There are those who complains a lot, the one who doesn’t complain at all but will just switch to another brand because of dissatisfaction and the one who promotes the product a lot because of satisfaction.

So where do you belong?


3 Responses to “Rants and Complains”

  1. Funny but it is true. The worst thing for a business is for the customer to keep quiet and just move their business.

    The quality of products are causing a lot of the problem and unfortunately customers blame who they speak on the phone.

    Thanks for your post!


  2. fishnut89 said

    I tell people nobody ever calls our support hotline so they can sit in queue for an hour just to tell that our product work perfectly and their lives are so much better for having bought it.

  3. krishna said

    Hello guy’s & gall’s !!

    This seem’s 2 be true cu’s don’t sit on the call for long hour’s to just say this product is bad …….
    We can understand how much of pain they have undergone !
    But finally, I Am the BOSS for my call.cu calls me to get support from me.Now the cu is seeking help from me if he want’s help “HE IS FORCED TO SIT QUITE AND DO WHAT EVER I SAY”. IF he/she using word’s “———” i used to repeat the same troubleshooting for 10 times ! If he/she really wants helpthey have 2 sit quite, i will resolve their problem or just play with them !!

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