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Threats and Violence

Posted by yojir on March 30, 2008

I had been in a call center where in they have this “extra pay” that they called as hazard pay. First time I heard about it, that’s a good idea. But what does it do if you have already been mobbed or something terrible happen to you.

I had a neighbor in which her end of shift is at 3 a.m. She is not afraid to go out of the building during that time. Plus, the fact that it was salary day for her. When  she took the jeep, there were two men already inside and these two men wasted no time telling her that they would take all of her money. She fought back so one of the men bang her head on the rear end of the Jeep until she felt dizzy and can no longer care if they took all of her belongings. Fortunately, she was able to come back home.

Three months past. And this girl is already jobless. Now, she is just sitting in the wheelchair, can no longer move and when she look at you, tears are falling from her eyes.

The sad truth is, you are working in a call center that is high paying and has a lot of incentives but are we really safe at all? Are we covered with all of these incentives?

I don’t care if I will be put in a shift wherein I had to go to the office by 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. This is the job that I chose and I swore during my employment that any day / time is ok with me. However, my concern is my safety. Our place is not a 24/7 place. At this wee hour of the morning, you’ll get lucky if you can get a tricycle or jeep that will take you to where the company shuttle stops. And you are even lucky if the shuttle is still there.

I think that there is a much more needed program to combat these kind of situation. In my mind, it may be kind of impossible but how about giving a place to settle for these agents while they are still in the odd hours of their job? Of course, if you are already in the safe hours, you are no longer allowed to stay in that place. That’s too abusive of you hahaha. it may be impossible but one of my friend told me that their company has this kind of setting but they are located in Pampanga. Whew!!! That’s far from where I live.


2 Responses to “Threats and Violence”

  1. Call center jobs, like any other, has its risks. I don’t think it would have been different if she was working as a nurse working on a nightshift. Hazard pay simply means you get paid extra for the travel expenses you’d incur for example you needed to take a cab to work since most public transportation is not available during late nights.

  2. yojir said

    Yeah I agree with you with that as well. I just hope we can add more security measures program at night since every year, working at night is becoming a trend here. 🙂

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