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Number 1 Rule: Don’t Fight Back

Posted by yojir on April 11, 2008

They say that fighting back is being coward but not fighting back is the true sign of cowardice. I realize it is true in call center. Since your customers is your main source of income, whatever they say , will always be correct and don’t fight back.

For example:

Agent: Please pull up an Internet Explorer

Customer: I don’t have Internet Explorer but I have a blue Internet Explorer.

Agent: [Aahh…wondering why and what]


Another example:

Agent: Please turn off your modem, router and computer.

Customer: Ok

Agent: Just tell me if all of your devices are turned off

Customer: Ok…you just said computer

Agent: [doing some yoga breathing already… ] Well… anyways, you can turn the modem and router off now


And another example….

Agent: So you’re having a password issue. Are we talking about your email password, wireless connection password, or the password on the computer when you first boot it up?

Customer: On my computer

Agent:As your internet service provider, we only have control on your email and wireless connection password but not on your computer’s password per se.

Customer: Yeah exactly. I can’t sign in. When I go to my website on the computer, I can’t sign in.

Agent: Oh ok [now i have a better understanding — i hope so].  So which website are you trying to sign in?

Customer: [raising his voice now] Oh now, you’re invading my privacy! You are now asking which website I am going to!

Agent: [started doing some yoga breathing again] we’re just trying to isolate which website are you trying to sign in because you maybe accessing a different website where your email logins don’t work. So if you’re using a _____ account, you must be in the ______ website. So which website were yare ou trying to sign in?

Customer: I wont tell you which website it is.

Agent:[Duh! So … how can i help you again?] Ok, Mr. _____


In this scenarios, don’t fight back, of course. I just tell myself, one of the hardest thing to communicate is when you cannot see the other person and just hearing what he / she has to say. And i am such a very coward person.


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