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Team Building

Posted by yojir on April 28, 2008

Call center won’t be complete if there is no team building. And what is a great way to spend your summer than to go out of town. Which our team actually just did. Started with a bumpy road to a very beautiful place. It may not be a beautiful place for them, but for me, it is, compared to any other commercial resorts I’ve been to.

This time, we decided to go to sitiolucia resort. If you want to see the place, you just need to go to sitioluciaresort.com – if you just want to.

We ate for awhile when we got there. After this, some of us, including me, went to the swimming pool. There are only two pools open: for the adult and the kids. I even found a place where there are only two swimmers and the videoke is very lonely. Hmmm…. videoke — alone and lonely? Not a very good way of treating a videoke machine. So while my teammate is so busy swimming, I tried the videoke  and voila! I started seeing my teammates transferring to that place.

Out of town, overnight team building and just a few of us. The night turns happys, then creepy and finally serious. Anything under the sun. Bonding with them doesn’t just mean having fun with them but you’re also going to learn something. I learned a lot of new things. Like, I didn’t know that some of them are the scariest people on earth just by mentioning scary topics/ subjects!!!

This time, we are looking forward on the company’s outing. Yoohoo!!! Happy summer holiday!


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