A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.

Q&A Portion

Posted by yojir on May 31, 2008

At times, I feel and think that the questions we usually asked as an initial information to our customers are personal that is why they are answering in a funny but sometimes strange way:


Agent: Who am I speaking with?

Customer: I am [name of the customer] the son [of the primary account holder] and the “computer wizard”

Agent: [thinking that you don’t need my help then by calling the technical support…]


Agent: And how are you related to the primary account holder?

Customer: I am just having sex with her 5 days a week — how about that?

Agent: [err — that’s too much for an information … ]


Agent is using the Remote Assistance sharing tool to help better the customer in solving her issue. This tool is used so that we can move the mouse for the customer and navigate through his/her computer …

Agent: Is this the email that you are having difficulty replying to?

Customer: Yes. But you are not allowed to read the content of it. Just look at the email address of my friend …

Agent: Don’t worry, I am not even looking at it.

Customer: Oh good!


Agent: And how are you related to the primary account holder?

Customer: Well… that person there on your record is the husband of my mom but he is not my father. So basically, he is my stepdad but I don’t like him that much. I miss my dad, you know.

Agent:[so much for your personal life …] Thank you for that information. So how can i help you today?


Agent: We will need to dispatch a technician to your house. so for the security of our technician, we need to know if you have any pets in the house that could harm them?

Customer: Oh yeah [sound so very happy!] I have a lot of pets. I have 5 dogs and their name are blah-blah-blah and oh jeez they are soooooo cute and cuddly. Also, I have this very cute Persian cat who really loves to play with our 2 monkeys here. Oh when you see them — you’ll gonna love them. do you want to see their pictures?

Agent: Oh—-kay.




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