A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.

No Permanent Seat is OK

Posted by yojir on July 3, 2008

I started my day right. While travelling to the office, I have my mp3 player stuck in my ear and my bf just send me a good morning message. Then I entered our office. In our team, there’s at least 18 of us. In the row where I have no choice but to sit, I still have three seat choices.

It’s not some sort of statistical solution of where you should seat. But at that moment, it seems like it the best thing. Where will I mostly like seat — here or over there?

I thought of that because on the cubicle where I am supposed to sit, the conversations I heard is my colleague saying something about her problem to my other colleague.

Nice morning.

Nice weather.

Nice aura.

Here is the seat I can choose which is beside her or choose the seat over there where in I won’t be able to hear any rants in life.

Being so selfish that I am, I chose the seat over there and not the one “here”. Call me a selfless and heartless colleague but my disposition in life is always start your day right. If you have any problems at home, leave it there. Concentrate on your work. Most of all, know what the problem is, decide what are your options to resolve it, choose which solution you want, stick to that decision and never look back. Hmmm … am I being too hard on that person?

That’s the beauty of life in a call center compared to a usual office life. You are already assigned to this seat. So if you’re being bitchy on this day and you dont want to be seated right next to this person [although you don’t have a personal vendetta to that person], you don’t have any choice but to seat beside him/her.

So am i just being bitchy that day?

Probably not.

I just don’t really want any negative vibes to associate with my happy day.



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