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No Job is Too Easy!

Posted by yojir on July 20, 2008

One day at my new job in our company and I felt like that my head aches so much. Information overload. In a call center, for you to absorb everything, it wil take at least one month of training. But not here. Once they’ve thought me this and that, it’s hands on. Jeez!

It’s freaking me out! As all the emails that I am going to send will be forwarded to our client. One single mistake and I can bring our center to boom!

Funny thing is [if you’re really working in a call center, you’ll know this] when there is an outage like the calls got cut off for no reason and you are not receiving calls for 3 hours it’s a YESSSSSSS!!!! No calls!!!! Longer breaks!!!! This is me when I’m still not in my new job.

Everything changes. When there is an outage, we have to call the clients, we have to email them to update them, we have to inform all the supervisors what are the fixes needed and they are countless really. Super!

That’s where I remember Spiderman and one of my used-to-be teammate.

The famous line in Spiderman is With great powers comes great responsibilities [and yeah I have bigger responsibilities now! but I am happy to take the challenge]

And regarding my teammate, who also appplied for the position but was not chosen:

Teammate: Hey how’s work?

Me: Im doing — ok

Teammate: Is the work fine?

Me: Ye—-ah it’s fine.

Teammate: Is it hard?

Before answering that, I already had a question before if taking calls in a call center with irate customers most of the time is easy. I said no. It’s freaking hard! Harder than they thought!

Me: There’s no job in this world that is not hard.

One thing though, we will have three days off in a week. Nice way to compensate the job overload I have. 🙂


2 Responses to “No Job is Too Easy!”

  1. chel said

    hi, i agree with your principle, we have same, im just curious about the call center agency / company you are currenlty working and describing in your post…its good that you have 3 days off in a week…

  2. chel said

    what is the name of the company if you don’t mind…thanks.

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