A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.


Posted by yojir on February 26, 2009

We’ve been hearing so much about these for the past couple of years. Many of the OFW’s or the ones working in America are kinda nervous because they were the one who first felt this recession thingy.

We, at call center that time, did not felt so much about this crisis. For how can we waste our time in this issue when all around you can see a building construction for call center, or every Sunday in the newspaper hiring for call center agents and even job fairs all around you — call centers are the number one participants.

But not recently. Very timely because 2 days after when President Obama took his oath, we’ve had some retrenchment in the office. It was so sudden we were all so taken aback. We refuse to accept their reasons as to why it happened. But, nevertheless, it still took place. There were a lot of questions but we know for a fact, we’ve now felt it. It hit us.

There we realized, what if we were the ones who were called and were told to quit our job without giving us any choice? Where would you go? Another “starting-all-over-again” period for us? It is okay to start anew but to a nation that is experiencing crisis and everyone is almost battling for one position in a company? Jeez …. it’s never been this harder.

That’s when I took a moment to look at myself in other perspective. What if it’s you? Where would I go? And if I start all over again, would I again be applying for call center positions or consider my other talents / abilities?

Yeah .. there i pause.

I have other abilities. It is just that I am ignoring it because I have this steady job that has been my bread and butter for years and I’ve got confident of it that it’ll always just be there just as long as I do my job right.

Never forget your other personalities, so to say. We all have our own multiple personalities whatever syndrome. It can work in a better way at times like this.

So, having a talent is not just always an “extra-curricular” part of our life. Start considering what you can do more aside from what you’ve already been doing right now and you won’t have any fear when the time comes that your company doesn’t love you anymore and just dump you.



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