A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.

Moving Forward

Posted by yojir on May 13, 2009

And so I thought about recession … but there it is — a new call center offering so much higher pay than what our company is paying us. And they are going to give us just one  fourth of the load work than what we are doing in the office.

Give in or just stay in the company?

Is this a decision of loyalty or the need to have a higher pay due to economic crisis?

I guess, the answer is already obvious. Because some of my colleagues chose the “higher pay” over loyalty.

Moving forward is a good thing most of all if it is going to give you a better reason to ive your life. What’s hard is you’ll always have something to look back from what you’ve left behind.  I am what’s left behind. A new set of people to work with [because they were easily replaced by somebody else] and a new workload [of course, you can’t teach a dog new tricks overnight].

I don’t know if I’m sad because my friend left the company or I’m sad because he just added some load to my overloaded work already … hahahaha!

But that’s how life in a call center. Once you’re gone, or even before you’re gone, there’s somebody already in line waiting to replace you.


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