A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

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The New Call Center n Town

Posted by yojir on May 14, 2009

Everybody will say i’m bored, i’m feeling drained, i’m tired of the same old stuff, i’m fed up with this office — the usual comments you hear once you had a get together of your own co-agents in the call center. Plus, of course, the usual salary talks, the workoads, the metrics that keeps on changing and increasing every month, the information overload … stressful really!!

But there’s one thing that can always change the topic — the new call center in town.

You won’t be late in the news when there’s a new one. The usual topic or question — how much?!? Next questions are — where? are they new? is somebody from our company is already there? What’s the feedback? Is it a technical support or customer service account?  Are they strict in the training? Are they related to this call center company? What are the accounts? And the questions can go on forever …

Just like the other day, somebody asked me ‘hey do you know the call center near —- ?’ And i said yes. Then the conversation starts from there.

But after a month or so, you will still see the same faces,  your friend’s still there, sticking to their very tiring, draining, stressing job.  After all the comparison with the new call center in town, if you think you will feel more safe and secure in your present job than play it risky with the new job, they would always find it easy to just stay in their present job. Why go to the higher paying call center, wherein you can just stay for a few months and get fired, than stay in your present work that has been your bread and butter for years?

But then, this doesn’t mean that when you get to sit down with them, you won’t be hearing the usual comments that I’m already drained, tired, fed up, etc. etc …. 🙂


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