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Why Are They Absent?

Posted by yojir on May 14, 2009

I once enumerated things in my blog what are the usual reasons why a call center agent is absent. That’s my POV when I am still a call center agent. Now that I am on a higher post in our office, I found out more what’s the reason why the majority are being absent on a particular day.

In call center, you call it reliability. Why does our reliability is down for today? What is our absenteeism for today?

Here are some of them but not in a chronological order:

–  Summer is here! Everybody’s just excited to get out of town or go to a beach and flaunt watever they have and will just inform us they are sick — and so they are absent.

—– Now, these call center agents know that for that day, there are bunch of them who notified they wont be at work just because they just went out of town for this summer holiday.  Jeez!!!

– Another one, sports! Championship of this league and this famous boxer has a fight today.  Everyone will try to reserve a vacation leave and if they can’t, they’ll just inform us they won’t be able to report for work today due to blah-blah-blah …..

– Salary day sickness — you just want to unwind, spend your money, look for a mall that is on sale for that day,so much to do but you still have a work later? Another info telling that they won’t be able to report for work … 🙂

And you — what is your reason?


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