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Harry Potter and Vampire

Posted by yojir on May 16, 2009

There was a time when almost of the agents are quiet after their call. Unusual for them not to talk, to gossip, to whine, to complain — actually I’ve been on this kind of scenario for sometime.

Yes — i’ve been hooked on the Vampire and Harry Potter e-books. We used to read books but since, aside from having English-only-policy [EOP] on the floor, the management also ruled the policy clean desk — urgh!!!

There’s always a way when you have that overwhelming will — so here comes the e-books. For wherever this e-book came from, cause it is not allowed for us to download anything from the website, it just appeared on our C: drive.

However, there’s just two only things that topbills the e-books that we have: books about Vampires and Harry Potter. I just told myself, instead of buying the hardbound books which costs a lot, I’d rather have this instead.  Just like the mindset of almost everyone.

The only thing is — we are already thinking — and even one of my co-agent that time that’s so hooked with this — is already thinking that vampires is just everywhere. Could be one of the agents working in our call center.

Why not — if he is as handsome as Edward Cullen? Hahahahaha !!!


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