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Lock Then Leave

Posted by yojir on May 20, 2009

Our IT department in the company would always remind us to lock your computer if you want to leave it for a while or shut it down when you’re going home already. Privacy is a big concern in and out of the company. Even if in our department we know what files might be there in each of our computer, it is still important to keep it safe from any intruder.

For instance, my colleague says that she will just go to the sleeping quarters and will take a sleep instead of having lunch. Unfortunately for her, she left her pc unlocked. My boss had to use her computer because one of the websites where we need to see a data is not running on his. But jeez!!! What pops out on the screen was the gross picture of her having “intimate” moments with two other girls on a secluded room. Wow — they could even pose for FHM! Of course, we all have our own skeletons in the closet, but that one was a blast. And we just decided to kept to ourselves what we’ve seen since the girl is one of our most prized worker in that department.

Now, that’s the serious reason behind locking your stations before leaving it.

Years ago, I remember that in our company, the IT department would still use it as a reminder on our screensaver so my friend thought of something. When one of our colleagues left and he did not lock his pc, he used it and created the email. The time we received it, here is what it said:

“It’s the year of the chicken and I love chicken joy”

He actually “send it to all” and we all shared a good laugh at it! 🙂


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