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Inbound vs. Outbound

Posted by yojir on May 22, 2009

When you are in the call center, there are just two types of call, you’ll gonna have to take: inbound our outbound.

In my entire life in the call center industry, I always chose to be in the inbound part. Inbound calls is the part wherein you are going to receive a call from a customer and there is where the service will start. The customer will have a lot to say, many inquiries and you’ll have to listen for most of the part to have all the inquiries / questions responded to.  If you’re in the industry, this does not need any much effort to say a lot. You can even get away of not speaking for sometime. Most of all, when you are in the technical support field. ‘Coz most of the time, you will be troubleshooting and the customer will do what you mostly dictates to them or will just look at the screen while you are troubleshooting for them using a remote access application to resolve their technical issues.

Now, the other one is the outbound part. Almost, 80% of the outbound calls i knew would require persistance. Selling, telemarketing, surveying. For me, it requires a lot of effort for you to speak most of the time and the customer will need to listen. For them to convince to buy what you’re saying or took a lil of their time to answer a survey or to remember what you’ve done during a troubleshooting moment with a specialist an hour ago so that they can get a percentage of their customer satisfaction rate, is already a big fuzz / deal to the customer. It’s like taking away some of their quality time unless you’re really good at the convincing part and they won’t feel that.

For you who doesn’t have much of an experience yet in call center industry, which one do you prefer the better?


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