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Halili and Kho Scandal

Posted by yojir on May 25, 2009

I actually have the 5 videos after searching in the internet for one and a half hour! Whew! With all the opened websites — can no longer remember where I got the links 🙂 So if you want to have it, just reply here, ill be happy to ‘share’ it!

I am not trying to exaggerate here but I only knew the video scandal thingy ust this week. I don’t know but me having to work in a call center feels like creating my own world. After work, it’s either that a call center employee goes home or hang out first. And when I hang out [or we hang out], we normally talk about how our day was or what happened all throughout — even if we don’t like to talk about the usual happenings in our workplace — we still ended up talking about it.

99% of your mind concentration revolves around what has happened to your job and by the time you get home, all you want to do is to get enough sleep. You don’t want to hear any noises before you doze off, because the noise in the call center company is already unbearable sometimes, so no t.v., no radio and no loud talking!!!!

That’s why I didn’t knew that there was this hot video scandal talks already. I was just told by my sister that there is and she wants me to download it . I told her, if it’s been over a month, pretty sure, it’ll be hard to find already. But my sister persisted.

So, I did. I keep on searching while I’m downloading the season 4 of my favorite Ally McBeal. Took me an hour. But what a shock it was to me when I found out that there’s just not only one but there are lots!! One download and I’ve got 5 video scandals. Long playing videos of Kho with his victimized women!

I think, in the real world, there’s really Mister and Miss Aggressive persons who can just treat sex just like a fast food. Varieties, choices — all you can eat anytime, anywhere coz its readily available. THe only thing that made it so bad is that what they thought they were doing in private has become publicized!

I won’t be surprised if Katrina Halili will be abstinating for awhile because of the trauma. I can only imagine that when she’s about to do it with a man, she will always have this hesitation that there’s just a video around the room and she’ll end up neglecting doing it with him! Hahaha !! Poor man!!

I just hope that Kho will be given the right kind of punishment he deserves because if he claims he is not the one who publicized the videos, there won’t be any video, if he in the first place, did not record his private moments with his women!


2 Responses to “Halili and Kho Scandal”

  1. Sex Video said

    Alcibiades, who had been charged with involvement in other religious scandals before, was called back from Sicily to face trial. Sex Video

  2. yojir said

    One’s downfall is another’s gained success. This is so true of Maricar Reyes. Heard she is already the main star in a show in ABS-CBN. Nice karma [?] 🙂

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