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Something Is Wrong

Posted by yojir on May 26, 2009

After we felt the recession, here comes the new wave of stressing news in our company — our big bosses are resigning from their jobs!

What the hell is going on here?!?!?

Is it about the salary raise issue? Or is it about moving towards a greener pasture? Well, different questions but same meaning though — all boils down to money.

That makes me scary again! Because for our account there should be a new batch of new hires to be trained but it was cancelled and so our company decided to train them for another account!

And solely, just in our department, we have so many employees who resigned recently!

Another thing, there are lots of employees just in our account alone that is being terminated. Higher numbers than last year. Sometimes I am thinking if they are being terminated because of what they did or the company is just really trying to decrease the numbers of the employee so we won’t feel that this is the recession happening in our own site!

Jeez!!! Is this a sign that I already need to resign and find a new job — no that’s wrong. I need to find a new job first and resign afterwards! Hahaha 🙂


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