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Complaining — The Right Way

Posted by yojir on May 30, 2009

One thing I love about our company is that we have a website wherein you can complain anything and anyone in the company. It does not need any login names, your full name, your department, your team, your supervisor’s name — they just need what / who are you complaing to and they will be investigating it. Most of all, since we are in the philippines, the ones that are handling the investigation is someone outside the country. This is a good since you will know that there will be any “bias” thing that will ruin the investigation.

The employees preferred it this way than just escalating it to your supervisor or to your managers since most of the time, the person that you are escalating to is their friend or their relative, or worse, someone intimately close to them but in a secret way! LOL

Gone are the days where in you will seek the assistance of your Human Resources department to complain on something or someone and they will take the lead in investigation.

I hope that every company, not just in call centers, should have this so that there is another way for employees to share their rants or complains [the really true ones only] so that they will know which employees to keep and the ones that should be kicked out!


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