A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.

Before The Restday

Posted by yojir on June 4, 2009

Before the rest day is the day that we are so alive. Why not?!? When I was still an agent, that is the last day for me to be taking irate calls, minding other’s problem which does not really concerns me, and most of all a good day of sleep afterwards.

In call center, no matter what your plans to spend your rest day, sleeping will still be your number one choice. I think we all love it because that is the time we are not getting irate ourselves, the time our ears will be rested for shouting customers and the day that our mind will stop thinking on how we can solve all of our customer’s issue.

It’s all about just being with yourself. Or with your friends not talking about your work, just sharing a good laugh or indulging in a good / hearty conversation over Starbucks frappucino with cheesecake on the side.

Here is what usually goes in my mind before my rest days [which is by the way is a 3- day rest days]. This is not in a chronological order:

– sleep

– watch a movie in a mall

– eat out with my friends

– blast up my portable dvd’s by watching some reruns

– watching my favorite shows [like AI, House, etc …]

– update my blog

– join my friends online in our favorite forum site

– a date with my bf

– update my friendster and facebook account

– spending my time with my biological family including my nieces

– listening to some nice tunes over the radio

– downloading songs and movies

– SLEEP again !!! 🙂


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