A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.

I am a Workforce Management Specialist !

Posted by yojir on July 12, 2009

Well .. I belong to the first level. In case you are interested to level up with just being a call center agent, here are my duties/responsibilities for this kind of job:

  • Support the management of call center staffing by planning based on historical data and relevant assumptions, employing strong analytical skills.
  • Actively monitor the progress of programs on a real time basis using the Avaya CMS Supervisor, TCS and RTA.
  • Report any anomalies to the appropriate Operations Management and analyze data to identify any trends that may exist and offer solutions.
  • Create, modify and delete employee and program information as requested.
  • Create and modify both User and Agent information within the application, ensuring appropriate security restrictions are enforced.
  • Maintain a good understanding of call routing and vectoring, assisting in decision making of routing requirements and suggest improvements to maximize performance of the program.
  • Generate schedules that closely match the workload of program.
  • Liaise with Team Leaders to ensure all program requirements are met.
  • Maintain a good understanding of all factors that must be considered in the forecasting process and comprehensively explain these to our internal and external customers.
  • Liaise with Operational and Client Solutions departments as well as the client to determine forecasted call volume and required staffing levels for each program.

As a call center agent, you might wonder why you are getting a lot more calls than your colleagues, why your team is scheduled in this very odd hour, why your team has been transferred to a different shift, why your days off need to be in split off, and among others..

Well .. it is US.  It is what we [I] do in our seat whenever we look at our two monitor stations. We make sure that the service level of the center is met always, always see to it that the agents are not just seeing idle / not doing anything because this is not profitable to the center you are currently working for, be vigilant on the agents that are just avoiding calls or releasing chat transcripts to be on AVAIL mode and among others — It’s US 🙂

So wanna be part of US?


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