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Before You Resign: Think It Over !!!

Posted by yojir on July 20, 2009

As I was visiting the Operations supervisors, I came across one supervisor who is currently contemplating if he will be applying in a different company or what. He has his own list of “Things to Consider” and here are those:

Travel, time and effort

[On my personal experience, I once worked in a call center which always takes me 2 hours to travel before my skin feels the super cold aircon in our office. And it is really tiring. I asked myself one day, can’t I just get a job that is near my place so I won’t have to be like this everyday. And I got what I want. Really, you can save a lot of time, travel hours and effort to wake up less than an hour before you go to work because your job place is just a walking distance from your company]

Reset of Tenureship

[I have been working in our company for five years. And once you apply in a new company, you will be on a probationary mode again with no vacation/sick credits yet on your attendance sheet, have to battle either 6 or 3 months before you get to be regularized and received the right amount of your salary … Why go to a company wherein you will be a new player again vs. on your current one which you are already one of the pioneer? Think it over like I said]

Friends, Colleagues, Warmth

[For me, this is less of a consideration if I will be applying for a new job in a different company. ‘Coz true friends will always be there no matter what. If ever you will be accepted in a new company, isn’t it that you will have additional friends to invite on your Twitter, Facebook, Multiply, Friendster and amongst other related things?]


[ If the salary is doubled or tripled than what you are getting now, why not? But remember, bigger salary most of the times means harder job responsibilities.A company won’t be paying you that too good to be true salary if they can’t maxed our your performance. Ohhh … been there done that]

Better company [or at least the best company]

[Research first and foremost. Asked not just the people you knew but also try to ask somebody that is working there or have been there before before saying yes to a job offer. Look for a forum on the internet that tackles not only their good side but also their bad side. This is a practice for me. And after all the research, if you think it is a better company compared to your current one, then it is worth trying your new luck there regardless of the preceeding “considerations”]

So you still want to resign? :):):)


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