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Ramping Up?!?

Posted by yojir on August 17, 2009

Nah … I’d say making up for the loss.

There has been a lot of employees that has been forced to resign due to non-performance. In our department, this is a common knowledge since we are the one working with Human Resources whenever there is a termed agent / employee in the company.

And because of this, the number of agents in our account decreased and the client thought of hiring new agents to fill up those positions that has been vacant.

My friend, who is already a senior agent in our company, asked me if we are ramping up. He noticed this because there’s another promo for refer-a-friend-win-a-prize in our company as well as the ongoing hiring / training of new employees.

And I said ~ We’re not ramping up. We’re just making up for the loss of many agents / employees we retrenched.  🙂


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