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Salary Talk

Posted by yojir on November 2, 2009

In connection with the salary survey, when I started out as a call center agent sometime in 2001, the ideal salary then was 12,000php. That time, when you’re earning like that and other call center agents from another company who are being paid less wants to transfer to your company already.

But in 2001, call centers are few and only few employees are just really experienced on what they are doing. That is why, on those years, no demands for a higher salary yet.

Few years after that, many agents will say, I’ve been in the industry for quite sometime and I already knew the ups and downs of it. And ohhh — you’re highly qualified so that means higher salary for you.

Why not? That’s the real value of an employee. Being experienced in all means higher value for the company and higher value. You’re no longer a newbie so you have the right to demand.

So now, you as a simple newbie call center agent should start at 13k to 15k. Being offered for only 12k — look around! There are others who offers more. Happy searching! 🙂


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