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Rude Awakening

Posted by yojir on December 1, 2009

So you think call center work is easy?

To work in a call center, you are expected to be on your seat and working 99% of your shift. Meaning, the only time you are allowed to be away from your seat is during your lunch breaks and 15 minute breaks.

How about going to the comfort room?

Yes, you may. But doing it so often, that’s already avoiding calls. In our previous company, you are only allowed one time during the day to go to the comfort room. And that should only be within 6 minutes. Meaning, when the clock strikes on your 6th minute, you should already be in your seat and about to click that ready button to answer calls.

If not?

There was one incident wherein the supervisor is already observing an agent. The agent is just a newbie. This newbie thought at first that call center is just all about answering calls, talking the American language and yada-yada. When he got the rude awakening that its not all about that — actually call center is all about irate and rude customers — he usually goes to the comfort room every after call.

The supervisor, one time, followed him to the rest room and waited ’til he got out. And when he did ..

“That was your sixth time to go to the comfort room! This company is a call center company and not a comfort room!”

Well, the only salvation you’ll have, really, is the comfort room. But, if that is still being restricted — then think hard. That’s how we are in call center. It’s not your regular day job that when you are done with your paper workds, you can just leave your seat and do your things.

If you don’t know this, you must be really new at call center. 🙂


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  1. hazel said

    nice articles!

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