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What Can Facebook Do ….

Posted by yojir on March 20, 2010

I just realized a few weeks ago.

We are doing our usual work when from another account, informed us that the other side of our building is about to get burned up. It has been happening for quite some time but since we’re far from where the “happening” is, we didn’t know.

In times like this, we are the one that needs to know the most because we need to report it right away. And we need to be on “emergency ” status so there’s going t be a way to stop all the calls from coming in to our center.

What’s annoying is that all the agents are already out of the building until the smokey thing inside our center is not yet resolved while we are still inside and at first, we don’t know what’s happening.  But until we knew, unfortunately, we’re still inside ‘coz we are the ones responsible for resolving this.

But here’s the funny thing…

My officemate received a SMS update thru her facebook account that one of her friends’s post is saying our center is already burned up.

Oh facebook …


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