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Where Are You Now?

Posted by yojir on May 20, 2010

A year ago, I posted that some of my friends chose to transfer to a different company rather than stay in our company while it is in a state of instability.

A few months past or a year past, it’s time to ask: where are you now? or where are they now?

Just recently, there’s this rumor about the Stream Global chaos where most of my friends transferred. Fortunately, I haven’t heard any from my friends that they were part of the “hand out forced leaves.” However, the sad thing is that, according to the people from that company, that there are more to come. I just pray that those whom I know who transferred there won’t be part of it.

There were others who transferred to other four companies who are doing, if not great, well … doing OK.

One of my close friend were hired by Emerson and she almost got relocated to a different country if not for some change of events. Well, you’re just new my friend … there’ll be some other opportunities! 🙂

As for me, the accident happened to me last December changed my decision on transferring to a different company. Solely because I need to have my continuous check-ups and medications using my medical card. LOL

But where am I now?

I am still here in my same old company. There were people who were laid off, but compared to Stream, they were offered a fair sum of money. More than fair, actually. Hahaha

But what’s nice is that, aside from being part of the Workforce team, I am proud of myself for getting a five year contract on a different side of my life — writing. I imaged myself as a writer if I am no longer a call center employee. Working on my laptop, finishing manuscripts, short novels / stories and just sipping my favorite mocha frappe … how nice is that?


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