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If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.

The Other Side of Me

Posted by yojir on June 3, 2010

Last month, I actually became a part of a workshop that I have been trying to be a part of for three years now but just couldn’t because of time constraints.

Talk about what are the other things you do when you are not working in a call center. Most of them will say sleep, hang out at Starbucks, drink, go to the mall, watching the latest in the movies or etc …

But for me, I write. Aside from blogging, I am also into ghost writing and graphics design. Well, the first one doesn’t pay a lot but the next is oh yeah! Though, when time comes when your body starts to complain about doing heavy works, you would want something a very relaxing job. Something that you feel like you’re not doing it at all. Because it is a kind of work that you “want”  and not you “need” to do.

And I am getting ready myself for it. Next year, I promise myself, I’ll just be in Sagada or in Vigan with my laptop, conceptualizing my manuscript and be read by many of my future followers… ahahhaha dream on! Keep on dreaming … awake! 🙂


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