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My Dream Vacation

Posted by yojir on July 12, 2010

My dream vacation would either be somewhere in Maui, Italy, Greece or Austria. I just love the beach though I don't know how to swim. I'd love a backdrop of tall coconut trees, a hammock in between those trees while i either listen to my favorite music or read a book I just recently bought. If i knew how to scuba dive, that'll be part of the itinerary.

When I'm done with Maui, it is either Italy, Greece or Austria. I always love to go one day to Rome (or what they call the Eternal City) as a pilgrimage. Toss a coin on the Trevi fountain and silently pray for my wishes to come true then have some of their famous gelatos. Or maybe visit TUscany, too ~ i love that place. Above all, visit the Papal place in Rome.

Wanna have a taste of Vigan in a different country .. it's time to go to Austria. The countryside and easylife there ~ very charming.

And then last stop is Santorini, Greece. I thought Paris has always been a city of love. But the more I look at pics of Santorini, I love it more there. It is more serene, more laid back not like the very modern France. Oh Santorini … take me with you 🙂


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