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My Epic Road Trip

Posted by yojir on September 16, 2010

A Helluva Trip

Sagada flutist

I already had one. Let me tell you how it goes. A few days before I went to my vacation trip, the weather is fine. But on the day me and my friend is about to head to our trip, it's already signal number 1. The sky is kinda dark, sun's hiding and it's drizzling before we got to the bus station. When we reached Bontoc, we got stranded bec. of a landslide happened along the way. We had to walk meters away to cross the part where there are still some rocks falling off from the cliff … imagine that. My shoes got muddy from the mix of eroded soil and raindrops i stepped on. There was a jeepney that brought us to the town proper of Bontoc. From Bontoc, we hailed another jeepney to bring us to the lil boarding house.

Before holding the doorknob, my friend asked me, did you hear that? I said no. After saying that, we felt all around us is shaking. Earthquake, for Christ's sake! But i smiled. Im kinda liking our trip so much. We were boarded on the extreme part of the second floor though there were no any boarders on the 1st floor. it is scary. An added scare to that is the room in front of us, the owner said is sleeping and don't dare to be noisy or open it. In the first place, why are we going to open it, it is not our door.

Second day, we had to hike to the cave we need to go to because the jeepney that we will be using to go to the cave, had to carry some people to Sagada again. After the cave connection adventure, we received a bad news. The jeepney that we're supposed to use had an accident. It fell meters down the cliff. All of the passengers, including the driver, is dead. Goosebumps! If the driver chose to be our driver, he wouldn't be dead at that time. RIP to the driver and the passengers …

And now, the scary room. I stuck my ear to the door, and didn't hear anything. And that night til dawn, no one came though the owner said, he usually comes at night before midnight. BUt there was no noise. That morning, I was about to open the doorknob when my friend stopped me. Geez!!! Minus one point of thrill and excitement, huh?

The last day, we had to go through the road on a Silent Hill imitation because of the fog + the drizzling rain. Fog during 9AM? It really was fog. When we reached Baguio, my sister texted me stating I had to go back soon bec. there was this Makati Mutiny happening at that moment and they set a curfew. At 9pm, there should be any people on the road. What the heck. The 6 hours drive from Baguio, we beat that by 3 hours less.

In summary: Typhoon + Landslide + Earthquake + The scary room + the jeepney accident + the Makati Mutiny …. ha ha ha … i won't forget that 2008 trip in Sagada.

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