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My 10 Best Qualities + 1

Posted by yojir on September 27, 2010

Ms. Laughter 🙂
It takes one wrinkle away from your face.

Don’t Mess with other’s business.
‘Coz that’s their life and you have your own. In case they did something that you feel and think is not right, let them deal with it. They chose it so let them suffer the consequences.

So what if they legalize gay marriages? People sometimes think / formulates one thing bec. they feel the need for it. They at least have one DEATH DEFYING reason for it. Let them be heard. And you’ll say, yeah, you have a point. We all have our own life to live and own share of beliefs … so let’s not be critical with one’s POV.

i know its not right but that’ s what i usually do. Hurting people is the last thing i wanna do. So let others do the hurting part but no … i won’t be the one to do that … na-ahhh

Tactical Planner
There’s no way that you can just have one plan. Always maxed out all the plans (plan A to plan z…. ) you can have in a situation. In the end, when all else fails, you can say you did all your fucking best but it just meant to end that way.

Less talker
Less mistake.

I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from most of my friends bec. I made a pledge to them that I won’t be telling it to anyone. So think twice if you ask me — you know that? or do you have any idea about it —- and then I’ll say ‘NO’ right away. Because if I said no, right away, it means I knew something about it. If not, just like any other curious person would react, I’ll ask a lot of things about it. Does that make sense?

It’s easier to deal with life if you can just accept nothing’s for free nowadays. And love, just like everyone else says, will have its share of ups and downs. If one thing is always good, something will go wrong along the way. You’re not pessimist, you’re just too damn ready to accept challenges in your life with a strong heart.

I don’t know what’s the adjective for this
always seek for something to make me happy or to make my life a lil happy. Be it finding a new place ive never been to, trying out something i’ve never tried before. I dont want my life to be so conventional. I maybe boring but my life shoudn’t be as boring as well. Don;t stick long enough to one thing or you might miss some things you may still wanna try.

Need I say more?

mY bf loves me …
and i love him … hahhaha even if im being unfair to him a lot of times … ill make it up to him one day .. eventually…

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