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What I'd Do With a Million Dollars

Posted by yojir on October 15, 2010

Free Money Collection in Cash

Let's start enumerating….

1: Big secret. Though it doesn't require a lot of money to spend.

2:Pay all of my debts

3: Invest in a high rate yielding stocks

4: Buy a house in Tagaytay Highlands

5: Buy lands and sell them in a higher price

6: Travel to these places: Rome, Italy; Santorini, Greece, Maui, Hawaii, Austria, FIndland.

7: Do some stunts in the movie Bucket LIst

8: Share some to my parents and my siblings

9: Use it to learn what I've always wanted to learn: swimming

10: Liposuction ~ hahahahaha

11: Invest in an organization to protect the animal welfare and the sea creatures

12: Hide whatever's left. For sure, there will still be a lot.

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