A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.

Posted by yojir on November 28, 2011

As December is just a few days away and the year is just about to end (with just one month to go), I am starting my call center career to a new company. It was hard for me to let go of the previous one because I almost spent my “almost” 6 years of life and work there. I almost thought that that would be my last company before I settle down next year.

However, since the last few months has been a very “struggling” months for me, I have to decide whether to stay or not anymore. I chose the latter. After weighing the pros and cons, I chose to leave and look for a more “fair” job outside of my “comfort zone job” for years. I did not write any posts here for months because I don’t want this to be my outlet for my frustrations at work and my previous company. That would defeat the purpose of my blog for being an “entertaining read” and “informational” to anybody who is into the call center industry and to those who might want to try this industry or to the newbies.

So, here I am. After months of spending on a homebased job, I am now back as a Workforce Management employee in one of the leading call centers here in Quezon City. I hope I’ll be as successful on this path just like with  my last one except the frustrations.  LOL. 🙂


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