A Day in the Life of a Call Center Agent

If you’re in a call center industry, this is your personal lounge.


Meet, mingle and chat — this is the place to be!


5 Responses to “About”

  1. yojir said

    Dedicated for all of the call center agents and those who also wanna be like us – this site is for you

  2. mary said

    i like this site. I can also share my experiences with others

  3. bibomedia said


  4. evelyn said

    I am a communication graduate but I am managing(as if I own it coz I do take charge of all the financial problems as well, wheeew!) a manufacturing industry somewhere in Southern Mindanao. I have been hearing about call center agent stuff for how many years now and I couldn’t help pushing myself into this much talked about job.I have been experiencing stress, restlessness,and yes, boredom…since January this year. I computed my average income for the previous year and tried to evaluate my efforts and how I overworked I am…I told myself “Evelyn, it’s enough! You have to redirect your career path ..asap.” I immediately visited the one and only existing call center training here in our area,hehehe and began asking the person in charge..She informed me about the government scholarship grant and that if I would pass, I do not have to pay the 100 hours training. (Hey! that’s what I need! we’re experiencing a global economic crisis,please count me in.please!) Well, God’s good all the time….I was too lucky (we’re actually 9 lucky trainees!), I got the scholarship without any sweat..24th of February was our first day of training..I was super excited that I came 20minutes earlier than our given time.Unfortunately, the class was suspended, 24th of February was declared a school holiday…poor Evelyn,I had to pack my things up and wait the next day again..
    Training day,this is the day that I have been looking forward to happen ..hehe..I am really dying to get out of my recent “burden”, my industrial partnership with a partner who doesnt know what and how her business is operating..
    feb 25, 1pm…our training started. Our facilitator speaks too cryptic sometimes but I believe the speech obscurity would help much as I go along with the training..which means I have to develop much of my listening skiils…(right?)
    Im still starting to learn about this industry and I dont have an exact idea of what really lies ahead..what i am really sure about is that I am determined to join the call center world and I will join this world, whatever it takes..perhaps, this is profession is my calling…may God bless my plans…my family, for my son…

  5. evelyn said

    wow..i’m revisiting this site. Its nice to read my comment now since i have been employed with one of the most reputable call center firms here in Manila for 2 years and 8 months..time flies..i got what i want.i joined the call center world.. i discovered the ins and outs..this work has helped me a lot financially..but i realized that i need to have a fall back..i need a more stable job so early next year..i am enrolling to a teacher certification program…:)

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